Our eSyncerBridge is our proprietary cloud-based ‘bridge’ that allows to make connections between Lightspeed eCommerce and Lightspeed Retail and any supplier / vendor system using their API, XML files, WebServices or another communication protocol. As the result it synchronizes the orders, items, inventory.

Real-time inventory sync 

Automated Product Import extension allows you to synchronize product import from external sources of wholesale partner into your online store.

XML Feed Import Module imports items or products from your supplier or wholesaler in dependency on settings (margin = markupmapping of categories or products) to shopping cart.

Import script launched manually or automatically by CRON job performs the XML Data Feed synchronization of products with the your online store at time you want.

This import will update product catalog, descriptions, categories, subcategories, prices, stock info, product pictures, thumbnails, tags, vat info at least.

The next time after updating inventory, the system will import only new products and it will update the changes only. This will give us an ability not to loose anything if we play with product info (changing description of a product after importing XML).

You as customer can set the base rules for import solution – it means – don’t update descriptions, availabilities etc.

Order synchronization

eSyncerBridge supports Drop Shipping service ie. Order synchronization. It sends newly created order in Lightspeed eCommerce to supplier system.

Our supported product suppliers:

  • Synnex
  • Nedis
  • Ingram Micro
  • TechData
  • BigBuy
  • Eropartner Distribution International
  • Grutinet
  • SportsDirect
  • DCS
  • Banggood
  • SunSky
  • HKC Egenvård AB
  • PromoStandards
  • Sage
  • Quantore TradelinQ
  • PF Concept International
  • NexWay
  • RSR Group
  • Lipseys
  • MGE Wholesale
  • Sports South
  • Davidsons
  • Big Rock Sports
  • MSX International
  • Megasur
  • Despec
  • Esprinet
  • Sexshop365
  • D&H Distributing
  • Matterhorn
  • Grupo CVA

If you can’t find your product supplier in our list above feel free to ask us to info@eroute.eu if we support the connection.