Frequently Asked Questions


How to import XML feed to VirtueMart ?

It is necessary to load our module to your webhosting server via FTP Manager and set parameters for database connection.

I am a newbie. Are you able to do all technical tasks which are related to XML import process ?

Yes. Based on experience with many installations of online stores we are able to arrange everything that concerns XML processing.


I want to preserve my current eshop items as they are (without any influences to module installation) after module installation. Is it possible ?

Installation of import module, own import activity or  dropshipping integration doesn’t change any records of items.

What about webhosting server ? Do your import module want higher requirements for server performance?

No, it doesn’t. Import module runs a few times during a day and within that short time module doesn’t need „prostredky“ system. We recommend you WEDOS webhosting mainly for the price, server performance and online support service.

I would like to add another supplier‘s XML datafeed in future. Can I modify your module myself ?

If you want to extend synchronization module for next supplier’s XML datafeed you can do it yourself  or use our services. The price for upgrading the import module will be lower than first installation.

Do my categories have to match my suppliers ? Mine are named differently.

Categories included in XML feed can be copied (created a new one) directly to the eshop or you can set for every category in XML a destination category in your shop ie. “mapping” of categories.

I have other products from different vendor that I don’t want deleted.

XML import process doesn’t change any other products manually saved in eshop.


I need populate the store with price and product data and route XML product categories to Magento product categories.

We could handle a xml import module for you. You write us your requirements and list of rules for module behaviour.

Does it support attributes like different sizes ? I don’t want multiple products just one with options.

Yes. It supports attribute managment and synchronization of their availabilities by automatic CRON task.

When I disable a product in the PrestaShop backoffice I need to update price and availability for that product from the XML but mantaining the product disabled. Is this possible?

Yes, it does. You set collection of rules for module behavior and I will adapt that.

Supplier have a little feed with article numbers which are deleted from their sortiment. They are not in the xml feed anymore. So they have to be deleted from database. 

We will add a function to our algorithm for cleaning of articles. You have to decise “if“ to remove it or only to disable an item.

How often CRON task for import process can be executed ?

It depends on settings in administration of your webhosting. Usually many webhostings allow you execute CRON task each minute, hour, day etc.

Which OpenSource solution is better ? PrestaShop vs. Magento vs. VirtueMart.

We recommend to customers the PrestaShop for a common online store. Magento has a little big requirements on server performance. Main difference concerns attributes management. Magento has the best possibilities to manage attributes (their relations, properties, …).  PrestaShop provides base operation with attributes (fully sufficience for many customer requirements).

Can import module automatically renew product prices and stock levels ?

Yes. It is primary goal of CRON executed import module ie. synchronization.

Is the import module able to replicate XML category tree to my store and assign each product a category as it is assigned in XML feed ?


When an unavailable product is deleted from xml eceelot catalog, will it be automatic erased also from magento catalog?
The sync is on real time cron based?
Does it works with configurable products for size, gender and color?