XML Feed Import Module

Automated Product Import extension allows you to synchronize product import from external sources of wholesale partner into your online store.

XML Feed Import Module imports items or products from your supplier or wholesaler in dependency on settings (margin = markupmapping of categories or products) to shopping cart.

Import script launched manually or automatically by CRON job performs the XML Data Feed synchronization of products with the your online store at time you want.

This import will update product catalog, descriptions, categories, subcategories, prices, stock info, product pictures, thumbnails, tags, vat info at least.

The next time after updating inventory, the system will import only new products and it will update the changes only. This will give us an ability not to loose anything if we play with product info (changing description of a product after importing XML).

You as customer can set the base rules for import solution – it means – don’t update descriptions, availabilities etc.

XML Import Module for Prestashop, Magento, VirtueMart, XCart, OpenCart

Database import for shopping cart

There is not any difference between import items to PrestaShopMagento or VirtueMart, OpenCart or ZenCart due to very similar structure of their database tables. Import module runs independently of actual online store. Administrative interface of import module is located outside from administration of these systems. You can set destination category or categories of items in XML feed, special prices, margins and other rules for products.

Possible to automatically calculate the sale price based on retail price and wholesale price.

Connecting with supplier’s XML DataFeed

Importing module has to be prepared for every supplier (= wholesaler, dealer). Price for import module solution depends on complexity of supplier’s xml feed. If you will send us xml feed, we will tel you the price for one-way or two-way import. If you will send us description of your supplier’s API for making orders, we will be able to tell you the price for two-way import important for Drop Shipping service.
Other suppliers can be added, but module has to be prepared for them again. In this case, price will be reduced by approx. 50 EUR (which is price of importing module itself – most part of total price is for module preparation).

Import module parts

XML DataFeed Connector

XML connector prepares data from XML datafeed in an internal format for the main Import Engine.

Import script

Import script executed by CRON deamon performs the import of articles from XML datafeed into the your eshop at time you want.

Dropshipping extension

This import process can be enriched by dropshipping integration which assure transfer of order directly to the dealer from shopping cart.

Setup service for module

The main settings in administration of module provides you category mapping between XML Datafeed and eShop, setting of profit margin for category.

Field mapping allows you assign XML product data field to specific online store product data field.

Category mapping is based on many experiences of solution for ours customers from past. Administration settings form appears quick and easy control.

Module is capable of mapping suppliers’ categories over your own, which allows you to have your own category tree, independent on supplier’s one. You can assign price margins for products based on each supplier category. Module has its own administration interface, where you can manage these settings.

Firstly you can see table filled with XML categories. You can assotiate XML category or XML product to eshop category. If you want to associate a product to the eshop category click on icon with plus symbol. Every products in XML category will showed to you.

  1. After click to the XML category or XML product a window will popped up.
  2. On this window by clicking you can set one or more eshop categories as destination for XML category or XML product choosen in the first step.
  3. Click to save button after you finish. New settings will appearent after next import process.

See pictures:

Administration settings for XML import module

Administration settings for XML import module

Administration settings for XML import module

Administration settings for XML import module










The final price depends on your need. We prepared price calculator for dropshipping integration. Feel free to use for price estimation.