Magento XML feed synchronization extension


Import sync process

Action for items and their parameters included in XML feed are two possibilities:

Insert an item

If an item isn t in the Magento the module inserts the item to the Magento database with corresponding parameters (see below). It is performed only once for each item.

Renew a product

If Magento includes an item the module updates the parameters of the item. It is essential to set the updated parameters in administration. The parameters which are updated is neccessary set in administration.

If you have B2B or B2C supplier or wholesaler who enables you receive orders from your eshop we offer Magento dropshipping integration.

During XML import it is necessary to process parameters described below.

Parameters of items


Reference - an internal parameter which connects items from XML feed with Magento.

Category - prior to the import it is necessary to make an agreement where items are to be imported. There are three possibilities (*):

  1. Import module creates the same category structure from XML feed
  2. The administrator creates own categories and map XML categories to them in import module administration.
  3. All items are imported to one category called “Import”. After the first import the administrator moves items to the final category manually.



Price - price is inserted with or without conversion ratio (*)

Images - images are downloaded during first occurence of item in Magento database i.e. insert of item)

Availability - it can be written to Magento database same as in XML feed or some conversion can be carried out (*)

(*) needs of customers vary and thus it is necessary to determine how the imported items will be operated in the first place. After that it is possible to arrange XML import scripts.

Import solution for Magento

  1. The main settings in administration of Magento provide category mapping between XML feed and Magento
  2. XML adapter prepares data from XML feed in an internal format for the main import script (point 3.) in dependency on settings (point 1.)this adapter is necessary to fit (edit) for XML feed. XML feeds of suppliers can involve different formats of data. This editting can be carried out by me or by your programmer. It takes several hours. I can provide a running XML adapter from another supplier as model.
  3. Import script executed by CRON deamon performs the import of articles from XML feed into the Magento database you can execute this script by CRON in any time writing a log into database informing about import process.
Import XML feed module for Magento
Import XML feed module for Magento


Module implementation

Import solution includes my services for arrangement of the XML adapter. I prepare the adapter for the format of your supplier trying to meet your needs at the same time with your needs.

The final price dependends on the complexity of XML processing.